Until we decide to keep the Tag “RELIGION” out

Until we decide to keep the Tag “RELIGION” out

YES, until we decide to keep the Tag “Religion “out. It is true that the world of man have been hunted by so many horrors in the name of one religion or another. And YES, it is true that since the beginning of the world, violence has always been part of it but it is also true that not all horrors committed in the world were a religious one. So YES! Until we decide to keep the TAG OUT.

Why would the word violence ever be connected to any religion? Why would the word terrorism go hand in hand with religion or God?

Anyone can be violent, anyone can be a terrorist but no one can ever be a religious terrorist. You must have to earn the word RELIGIOUS before it should ever be attached to any human alive. If religion is about believe in the God of the religion, in the holy book and practicing what the religion teaches. Then before anyone is tagged religious he or she must pass some certain test.

How can a drunkard be termed “Islamic, Christian or hindu drunker?” how can a rapist be identified as a religious rapist?  Why are atheist never identified by what they believe in? Why have the media never tagged any killer as atheist terrorists? But we continually hear the media tag people as Islamic terrorist? Or have there never been atheist killers before?

The truth is that no religion teaches violence at least that is what all religion claims, so why must a killer’s religious identity be of importance?

For years I have watched people stigmatized, hated, and abused for belonging to a particular religion or another and as time pass by, such horrors continue to be accepted by the younger generations. What would we gain by creating hate against a particular group or religion, the reality is that no matter how hard we try to preach, campaign and create hate against a particular group, they will always exist, we will always have Muslims, we will always have Christians, blacks, white so no matter how hard we try to make people look bad, they will always exist and in the end, we may only resort to making our society more hate filled and insecure not just for that group but for every other person.

Sometimes a lot of people claim to be fighting this disease currently circulating in our society, the disease of hating a whole group of people for belonging to one religion or another or belonging to one race or tribe.

To hate 1person might be justified; to hate 2people might also be justified but to hate a whole group(either because of their race, religion, tribe) can never be justified because the truth is that no matter how bad a group may seem, most percentage of the followers are good people. The beautiful ones they say have never been born. So why must a 5year old be hated for being born into a particular religion? Why must a little child be seen as a devil simply because we believe everyone in the religion is taught to hate.

The question remains: why must any religions name be tagged with insane people who claim to be fighting in the name of any religion? Should all insane man who claims to be Obama be called Obama and given so much media and public attention simply because he claims he is the American president? Naturally people will take him to be insane. Should a terrorist be called GOOD terrorist because he claims to be fighting for goodness and in process causing so much harm? So why should few misguided people be tagged Islamic or Christian terrorist because they claim to be fighting for the religion? Naturally they should be treated like insane people.

For years the media have been causing so much harm than good in their unwarranted campaign of identifying killers, rapist, robbers or child abusers under any religion, it creates so much hate when the media makes it seems as if a particular religion enjoys killing people or abusing children. The truth remains that the human mind can easily be bombarded with hate for others simply by constantly identifying one group as killers, rapist etc. so YES! Until we decide to keep the tag RELIGION out of terror activities, until we decide that no killer should be identified as an ideal religious person and YES until we decide to do those things, we will continue to hate, stigmatize and feel disgust by others for belonging to a particular group.


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