Our Feelings which slowly traps and kills us!!!




There come a time in one’s life when we feel trapped by our own thoughts, imaginations and secret attitude which we wish we never had; some specific attitudes which we are too ashamed to show to others because deep down inside of us we feel that people will not accept such behavior and accept us for who we are; behavior which we believe no matter how hard we try it just seems impossible to get rid of.
Sometimes as human we cannot help but commonly ask the question “Why Me!” why did I turn out to be born with such attitude which I never signed up for? Why is life treating me this way? Sometimes we wonder if maybe along the way in our life we forget how we ended up with such attitude because people always told us that there are just something’s man cannot be born with. Sometimes it feels like our thoughts of being abandoned by others for our attitudes is slowly driving us crazy because we are afraid to be left alone in this world and drown by our own thoughts, Sometimes we get to a stage in life when we wish we could go back into being that little innocent child who was free from the world of thoughts and stress, free from the horrors of life, but at some point we realize that there are some wishes which can never be granted to us and the only solution lies by forging a new path for a better future were we feel confident enough to tell people those secret attitude which we have isolated so much deep within our hearts all this while. 

We then realize that Life is like a great journey through time. During this journey we meet different people on our way; some we love as family even tho.they are not our real family;some we develop mutual friendship with; some we spend our life journey with;
through the eyes of some we find the true meaning of life, through the life struggle of some we realize that our life is not as bad as we thought: if only we could compare ourselves with those below us not those above us;
through the tears of some we realize the harsh reality of life, and through the death of our loved ones we realize what it truly mean to loose someone you love.
During this period in life we also meet people who would do anything to hurt us;
people who we thought will always be there for us,even during.our happy,sad and struggle days in life.
we will also meet people who claim to be our friends but “stab us at the back” the moment we turn; 
people who cry when we do but only to realize that their cries are all fake.
people who find joy in our sorrow and find comfort when we cry. Everyone wants to know the secret of life, everyone wants to define life in  ways that suits their desire or mission but few wants to know the true reality and what life stand for because they are afraid of what they may find along the way and are not ready to face up to life.
Never say all human are the same and refuse to trust anyone;
in the end, there are people who are truly out there to be with you for who you are and love you for you.
Do not be in a hurry to find friends, true friendship takes time to build


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